Last Night’s Dinner: Baked Shrimp with Garlic and Rosemary

Fresh produce causes me a lot of anxiety.  I love having vegetables and fruits around, but I absolutely hate letting food go to waste.  And up until about a month ago, we had a refrigerator that would simultaneously melt ice cream in the freezer and freeze a pack of cilantro in the veggie bin, so I’m still getting used to the concept that I might be able to safely freeze some produce that doesn’t look like it’s going to be used in a timely fashion.  In the mean time, poor Nick has to deal with phone calls and texts from me reminding him about the bag of cherries in the fridge.

“Hey, I bought some cherries.”

“Don’t forget about the cherries we have.”

“Did you eat any cherries today?”

“Will you please eat some f***ing cherries before they go bad??”

Anyway, my decision to grow some herbs on our porch causes a similar dilemma.  It’s great not having to buy four times the quantity of parsley that I need for a given recipe.  But at the same time, once I have easy access to a bunch of rosemary and thyme, my need for them seems to disappear.  And while I don’t have to worry about them rotting, it seems silly to not be taking advantage of them.  So last night my inspiration for dinner was, “I should use some of that rosemary growing out there….”  After purchasing some shrimp, I found this recipe as a starting point: Grilled Rosemary Garlic Shrimp.  Yum!  Only problem?  No grill.

This is why I love the reviewer comments on Epicurious.  Yes, occasionally you get someone who willingly admits they’re rating a recipe because it just sounds so good but they haven’t cooked it (helpful- thanks), but overall, the reviewers provide useful suggestions, like, “I’ve cooked it twice, once with half the sugar, and saw no difference.”  And last night, it was great because several reviewers suggested throwing the shrimp in a pan with some butter and baking them, which took care of my grill problem.

I skipped mincing and mashing the garlic by just using my garlic press, and used about 6 cloves of garlic.  Mixed that in a glass baking dish with about 4 tbsp of olive oil and about 2 tbsp of chopped rosemary.  Added the shrimp (3/4 pounds was good for two servings with leftovers for my lunch) and turned them to coat, covered with plastic wrap, and let it sit in the fridge for about an hour.

With the oven set at 400 degrees, I dotted the shrimp with about a tablespoon of butter (yes, I do use butter sometimes, despite comments in a recent post) and baked for about 15 minutes, although I went more on when the shrimp looked done than a particular time.

Served over rice with a side of steamed asparagus.  I’d like to see how the recipe works if the shrimp are able to marinate longer, as suggested in the original recipe, but it was definitely flavorful after sitting for 1 hour.


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