Having a Kitten Means Hiding Your Toilet Paper

I’ve had cats all my life.  My mom insists that our cats were the first thing I laughed at as a baby.  I had to get a cat within the first month of moving out of my parents’ house.  And even though Nick and I had decided (until a couple weeks ago) that we would wait to get a second cat, we had talked about it enough that I had a game plan of what to do when the day did come.

There were the usual preparations for having a kitten in the house.  Kitten-proofing is harder than baby-proofing.  With babies, you don’t have to worry about breakable things that are four feet off the ground because most babies are not capable of leaping four feet in the air.  You also don’t have to make sure they haven’t sneaked in a drawer before you close it, or jumped into the refrigerator when you went to pour yourself a glass of water (which is exactly why Bailey wears a collar with a bell).

We also had to take some precautions to help Bailey adjust to the new sibling.  Again, I think it’s less complicated with kids.  You don’t have to keep them separated and let them sniff each other under the door for a few days before they actually meet.  And you don’t have to give the new baby her food first because otherwise she will wiggle her way in front of her brother to eat his food.

I’d also worked hard to prep Nick, a first-time kitten father.  Normally, I have no problem with him leaving the toilet seat up (I figure it’s just as inconvenient for him to have to lift it up after I’ve used it), but I was a little concerned about Matilda knocking my hairbrush in, or deciding to go swimming.  So I’ve gotten pretty obnoxious about that.

So, despite the seven years that have passed since I last had a kitten, I felt confident that we were fully prepared.

But I forgot about the toilet paper.

The kitty equivalent to trashing a hotel room:

And then several days later:

The good news is that Bailey and Matilda are getting along pretty well.  There’s more playful batting and wrestling, and less one-sided chasing.  Just like an annoying little sister, Matilda always wants to follow B.

She’s even gradually sneaking closer and closer to snuggling with him.

So, that’s all for now as far as the cats go.  Bailey is adjusting to having a new wannabe snuggle buddy, and Nick and I are adjusting to needing to remember to secure the toilet paper in the linen closet when not in use.


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One response to “Having a Kitten Means Hiding Your Toilet Paper

  1. Nancy Eason

    Having a toddler also means hiding the toilet paper. From running gleefully down the hallway with the beginning of a full roll and creating a pre-Halloween haunted house in a matter of minutes to standing in place and tearing off itsy bitsy pieces of TP to form a carpet of confetti…. Human toddlers and feline kittens must share a TP destruction gene. It’s a glorious day when the TP can stay out of the closet.

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