Bratty Cats

Do cats go through a phase like the Terrible Twos?  Because I think Matilda is experiencing that right now.  Or, I should say, we are experiencing that with her.   Since she would be “coming of age” right around now if she hadn’t been spayed a couple weeks ago, maybe this is more of a bratty teenager thing.  You know, if teenagers expressed their angst by trashing your living space.

In the last few weeks she has:

  • almost knocked a lamp off a shelf and onto my head.
  • chewed through a plastic bag and into the skin of a peach.
  • taken to deliberately knocking glasses over… whether they are empty or full.
  • discovered the fun that is the 100 different wires and cables that connect the various parts of the recording studio Nick has set up in our living room (mmhm… marriage is about compromises….)
  • taken to deliberately knocking over her water bowl, usually right after I refill it.
  • developed an insatiable appetite that results in her constant stalking of your sandwich or cereal bowl.
  • perfected getting under my feet so that I manage to simultaneously trip and kick her.  Which, of course, makes me feel terribly guilty.
  • decided that chewing up the basket holding her toys is more exciting than the toys themselves.
  • sought revenge against us for buying a kitchen trashcan with a lid by redirecting her efforts to strew the contents of the bathroom waste basket all over the floor.  (Even if you know a Q-tip was only in your own ear, or at worst, your spouse’s ear, it’s still really gross to find them in the bedroom.)

I also do not like the way she keeps eying the new ficus tree.  And all the while she continues to be so freaking cute that we can’t help but forgive her.

Seriously, how can you be mad at this??

She also seems to be learning tricks from her brother.  She has picked up Bailey’s habit of knocking stuff off Nick’s nightstand, as noisily as possible, starting around 5:30 am.  (And she doesn’t respond to threats of throwing pillows, which works for B.)  I now wake up with two sets of eyes staring at me, waiting for breakfast.  Remember the velociraptors in Jurassic Park?  They hunt in pairs.

On a happy note, Bailey has happily adopted the role of big brother.  And having a playmate around seems to have improved his temperament.  His mood swings and random attacks on Nick and me have decreased dramatically.  I wish I could say the same for his behavior outside our home.  Last month at the vet’s office, he was so pissed off they couldn’t complete a full exam and I was informed that next year, a couple days before his checkup, I will need to come pick up some tranquilizers.

Bailey and his sidekick, plotting destruction:

Clearly resting, post-destruction:



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3 responses to “Bratty Cats

  1. The chewing might be her teething – getting in the adult set of chompers.

    I had one cat when teething chew my shoelaces into five pieces one night. A few days after that he was sitting on my stomach and bit through a hood closing string on a sweatshirt in about a second and a half.

    • I wondered about the teething. She still chews on the basket sometimes, though. I never thought I’d have to worry about chewing with cats. But Bailey has a thing for the rubbery cords on earphones, and I’ve gone through about five pairs!

      • Some cats like to bite on stuff outside of play and teething times, others give it up. I used to have a cat that liked to chew on paper., so made a point of throwing down junk mail or paper wads down to her, and she never chewed anything but stuff I threw down.

        Perhaps if you find something more acceptable to chew on, then she will leave your earphones alone in exchange. Some cats love the inside tubes of toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls.

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