Technological “Advancements”

Things that are supposed to improve the quality of our lives but, in reality, just suck:

  • Any container/package labeled “Easy Open.”  They never are.  They either tear so easily that the “New, Resealable Package!” is no longer able to be resealed or they require a box cutter.  At the very least, they make me feel like an incompetent idiot.  That “Pull here to open” tab is mocking me, I know it.  If it’s labeled, “E Z Open,” anticipate a particularly frustrating experience.
  • The huge digital traffic signs popping up every mile or so on I-95.  You know why it’s taking 20 minutes to get 6 miles down the road?  Because everyone is slowing down to read these signs telling them it will take 20 minutes to get to an exit 6 miles away.
  • The super-convenient “unsubscribe” links at the bottoms of the emails I receive from every store where I have ever shopped or browsed.  Actually, the links themselves are great.  It’s the emails you then receive confirming that they have received your request to no longer receive emails from them.
  • Captchas.  I had my vision checked last year.  I was told (much to my disappointment) that I still have no need for glasses.  The MVA seems to have no concerns about me operating a vehicle.  So why does the internet demand that I decode partially obscured pseudowords before I can share something on Facebook?



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