Happy Anniversary to my parents!

Yesterday, my parents celebrated 40 years of marriage together.

In the same way that my dad often remarks that – regardless of familial obligations that come along with being sisters – Emily and I seem to “actually like each other”, I often marvel at the fact that – despite having spent over four decades together – my parents seem to “actually like each other.”  Not only that, but they actually like to spend time together.

Mom and Dad’s relationship is a model I hope to follow for my marriage – they have evolved both independently and together, through developing and changing careers, raising two daughters, and dealing with aging parents.  While maintaining individual interests and passions, they still find time to enjoy coffee and the newspaper together on the porch, have dinner and martinis at the local diner, visit museums, go to the symphony, travel, and spend time with friends.

On Friday night Emily, Mike, Nick and I helped them celebrate with Indian carryout and cake, and thanked them for being together and providing such a fantastic home for Em and me to grow up in.

Mom and Dad’s original wedding rings:

Original cake toppers (not the original cake):


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  1. Congrats to your parents! I look forward to someday celebrating 40 years of happiness with my hubby. So great to hear success stories.

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