Comfort Food

During the first fifteen minutes of my Factor Analysis class tonight, I was having the following thoughts:

  • Wow, I have a lot of studying to do before next Thursday’s midterm.
  • Wow, I have a lot of reading to do before I can study for next Thursday’s midterm.
  • S***, I never returned that library book that’s due today.
  • I need to finish those paper revisions and resubmit them.  And finish the poster for the conference next Friday.  And finish taxes.  And prepare for Monday’s meeting.  And prepare for presenting in class on Monday morning.  And figure out what’s causing Bailey’s allergies.  And keep working on the lab website.

And then I realized if I didn’t start paying attention I was just going to have to do more studying.  So I learned about Principal Axis Factoring and ran to the library during the break.  And I accepted that this weekend will involve a lot of reading and studying.  But tonight, there was comfort food and NBC sitcoms.  (And taking a few minutes to submit a paper because it was nice to have something checked off the list.)

What is comfort food for me?  At the moment, yummy things that don’t take a lot of work and don’t result in a lot of guilt.


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