Sunday Afternoon Tea Sandwiches

This afternoon Emily hosted a tea party for some of her friends (and me).  It was a enjoyable, relaxing way to wrap up the weekend with some tasty food, good conversation and Scattergories.  And it provided the perfect opportunity for me to try some recipes pretty little tea sandwiches.

It was completely coincidental that both recipes I chose have some Asian-inspired flavors.  They were all pretty subtle, and added depth rather than a distinct Asian feel.  Regardless, they were perfectly with Emily’s homemade Chai and apple-infused green tea (as well as the yummy fruit and cookies that her friends made), as evidenced by the fact that I had none to take home to Nick.

Using a mandoline works great for slicing the radishes for the first recipe.  You can slice them thinly enough that they are translucent, which looks really pretty when you overlap them on the sandwiches.  The original salmon sandwich recipe called for regular sandwich bread, cut into triangles and crusts trimmed off.  I decided to continue with baguettes, and certainly didn’t mess with removing crusts.  That just seems wasteful.

Open-Faced Radish and Chive Tea Sandwiches (from Bon Appetit via Epicurious)

Makes 16 servings

4 tbsp butter, room temperature

3 tbsp chives, minced, divided

1 tbsp toasted sesame seeds

3/4 tsp grated fresh ginger

1/4 tsp sesame oil

16 1/4-inch thick baguette slices

10 radishes, thinly sliced

Mix butter, 2 tbsp chives, sesame seeds, ginger, and oil together until blended.  Season with salt and pepper.  Spread butter mixture on baguette slices.  Arrange radish slices on baguettes.  Sprinkle remaining chives on top.  (The original recipe calls for sprinkling with sea salt as well.  I forgot to do this but I didn’t really miss it.)

Smoked Salmon and Wasabi Tea Sandwiches (based on recipe from Bon Appetit via Epicurious)

Makes 12

1/2 tbsp wasabi powder

1 tsp water

4 oz whipped cream cheese

24 1/4-inch thick multigrain or whole wheat baguette slices

4 oz thinly sliced smoked salmon

1 tsp grated lemon peel

1 1/2 tbsp chopped fresh cilantro

Mix wasabi powder and water together to form a paste.  Stir into cream cheese until thoroughly blended.  (The original recipe instructs to use an electric mixer, but I was too lazy for that.  So my definition of thoroughly blended might be a little more relaxed than others’.)

Spread cream cheese mixture on 12 slices of multigrain baguette.  (I had some cream cheese leftover.)  On the other 12 slices, top with smoked salmon.  Sprinkle salmon with lemon peel and cilantro.  Top with cheese-covered bread slices, cheese side down.



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4 responses to “Sunday Afternoon Tea Sandwiches

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  3. Ashley Barnas

    I had no idea what to do with my radishes (other than be boring and toss them in salad). Thanks for this great recipe!

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