Bedtime Television

I thought DVD box sets were as bad as it could get.  It’s way, way too easy to lose an entire evening to half of a season of a show.  Maybe some people can allow themselves 30 minutes or an hour and then go on with their evening, but for me, the “Play All” option on DVD menus is just too tempting.  And then the next thing you know, the disc is over, and you have lost three hours of your life.  But look, Disc 2 is sitting right there….  And that last episode was a bit of a cliffhanger….

As bad as the DVDs are though, Netflix Instant Viewing has made it that much worse.  Because the entire season is right there in front of you; there is no requirement for you to get up and change the disc.  Which means you don’t have to say to yourself, “Oh, I’m done with this disc?  I should call it a night.”  I don’t want to tell you how quickly Nick and I got through the first four seasons of Mad Men.

A couple months ago I was hanging out with my friend Katie and she mentioned she’s been watching Law & Order: SVU while completing tedious work.  “Because it’s on Netflix Instant Viewing, you know.”  And I responded, “I really wish you hadn’t told me that.”

Since then, if I feel like watching TV and it’s not Wednesday or Thursday (when I’m watching ABC or NBC, respectively), I’m watching Law & Order on Netflix.  The thing that’s kinda messed up about it?  It makes me sleepy.  Yeah, this show about rape and abuse and murder puts me to sleep.  Until there’s a new scene and the classic L&O DUH DUH jolts me awake.

I kept waiting to have some messed up nightmares after watching this so much, but the most stressful dream I’ve had recently involved forgetting I was hosting a guest speaker for our program’s seminar series and I didn’t know anything about him and had to totally b.s. introducing him.  (I guess this is the kind of unprepared-stress dream you have when your grad program doesn’t have many exams.)

Last night I must have reached my threshold for slain prostitutes, though, and I ended up watching Atlas 4D instead.  Coolest thing I have seen in a while.  If you like the stunning visuals and random trivia in nature documentaries, but have a tough time watching seals attack birds or killer whales attack seals, I recommend this series.  Of course, with my luck, watching this will find its way into my dreams and I’ll have nightmares about volcanoes.



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2 responses to “Bedtime Television

  1. I can totally relate, it’s like potato chips you can’t eat just one. I am so OCD if I start watcing a show I can’t stop. And Netflix streaming is the devil.

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