To-Do Lists

My school to-do list for the rest of the semester:

  • Read articles for class
  • Do final statistics homework
  • Transcribe videos
  • Study for final statistics quiz
  • Read articles for final paper
  • Transcribe more videos
  • Read more articles for final paper
  • Write final paper
  • Study for statistics final
  • Take statistics final
  • Transcribe more videos

B does not care for statistics

My holiday to-do list:

  • Make gift bows (DONE- look for tomorrow’s blog)
  • Make Kale & Brussels Sprouts Salad for Thanksgiving (look for blogs later in the week)
  • Make Sweet Potato Stuffing for Thanksgiving (ditto)
  • Figure out exactly how I want to celebrate my 30th birthday
  • Bake cookies (expect lots of cookie blogs)
  • Make gift tags
  • Buy Christmas presents
  • Bake more cookies
  • Decorate Christmas tree
  • Bake even more cookies

B doesn’t really care for Christmas, either.

Hmm… guess which list I’m more excited about.


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