Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has had a happy day with friends and/or family and lots of delicious food.  The things I am thankful for today?  Waking up in a warm bed and knowing there was a fully-stocked kitchen a few rooms over.  Having a wonderful husband who made me a great breakfast sandwich.  Marrying into a family of talented cooks who also happen to be awesome people with whom I like to spend time.  Being born to parents who love me and are supportive of my decisions (including my decision to spend the holiday with my in-laws instead of them this year).   Having a sister who posted the latest Simon’s Cat video on my Facebook page today.  Oh, and the food.  Really, really good food.

*Yes, we had a turkey… my sister-in-law’s first turkey (which was amazing).  We also had about twice as many sides as depicted in the photos (not to mention appetizers and wonderful pie) … these just happen to be the food items that were photogenic and/or I could take a picture of without getting in the way and pissing off the cooks. 


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  1. An Unidentified Relative

    And I am thankful for being related to such an expressive, creative and thoughtful being on this planet! Thank you.

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