Sunday Night

This was supposed to be posted on Sunday…

I’ve had a wonderfully productive long weekend.  I checked off far more items on my to-do lists (both school and home stuff) than I usually do.  We have so much clean laundry, I don’t have room in my closet for all of my clothes.  I read everything I was supposed to for class.  I spent several hours cleaning and reorganizing our bathroom and narrowing down my collection of eye shadows I never use.

Did I check off everything on my list?  No.  But it’s Sunday and Nick is at home.

Sundays with Nick are some of my favorite days.  They are prototypically suburban and domestic and I love it.  We go to Panera for lunch.  We go to Petsmart and Target.  We plan dinner while we drive to the grocery store.

Nick makes delicious dinners, like this:

Fettuccine with Meat Sauce and Mozzarella

We laugh at the cats.  Today Matilda used a box of packing supplies to turn our living room into her very own playground.

Needless to say, “clean the living room” is one item that did not get checked off.  And no, I didn’t get quite as far on my final paper as I planned on.  But I’m learning to let those things go and take advantage of a day when Nick and I are both home.  Letting go is the key phrase here – in the past I might choose not to do those things on my to-do list, but they’d be lurking in the back of my mind while I was trying to enjoy some time with my husband.  I’d be preoccupied worrying about what I felt I really should be doing.

The thing is, the living room will still be there tomorrow, waiting to be vacuumed.  No matter how much time I spent on my paper today, I’m still going to have a lot more to do in the upcoming weeks.  The next couple weeks are going to be crazy regardless of how much I prepare today.  I’m going to be studying for my final exam and trying to wrap things up before the semester is over.  Nick is going to be working a lot and preparing for a gig.  So I’m glad we had the opportunity to spend today together, and that I was able to forget about school and stuff that needs to be done around the house.  Besides, if I had been busy with school work, I wouldn’t have been able to catch this on camera:


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