Why I Love Wikipedia

It’s been a good day.*  I spent a few hours studying for statistics and then a few more hours reading and brainstorming for my final paper.  Plus I took enough of a break to catch Regis Philbin on The Talk, and for some reason I decided I don’t know enough about Regis Philbin.  Actually, I’m pretty sure my thought process went something like this…

Oh, I never heard who ended up replacing Regis… I should look it up on Wikipedia….  Oh, interesting- Kelly’s doing it solo now.  I like her.  I’ve seen her talking about bleaching her mustache on live television.  I respect that. 

Now that I think about it, I don’t know how I went from that to reading about Regis Philbin’s entire life.  That’s the thing about Wikipedia… the information is there.  All you have to do is click a link to a related page and the next thing you know you’ve gone from checking which Beatle was the oldest to reading all about Pattie Boyd and her sisters and how many rock stars they slept with.

Anyway, I was reading about Regis’ kids and how his daughter is married to Michael Schur.  And I thought that name sounded familiar, so I clicked again and discovered that yes, I do know that name.  Michael Schur is a writer for The Office and Parks and Recreation.  And….

Oh. My. God.

He’s MOSE!!!

Yes, Mose is the son-in-law of Regis Philbin.  Highlight of my day.

*Ironically, as soon as I typed that, the upstairs neighbor started singing and playing guitar, which knocked the good day rating down a few points.


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One response to “Why I Love Wikipedia

  1. ideosinkrasee

    I hate when I start reading Wikipedia to find out about Star Wars and somehow read about Jeffrey Dahmer.

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