“Let the Great Experiment Begin!”

That title is misleading.  And rather irrelevant.  It just popped in my head and made me laugh, so I went with it.  The first person to tell me where that quote is from gets a prize.  And by prize, I mean my admiration and the warm feeling of knowing you’re an awesome person. Come on, you know you want it….

Anyway, I was looking for a title more along the lines of “And the Overly Ambitious Christmas Cookie Baking Begins!”  But that sounded stupid.  It would be accurate though.  Two years ago I made three types of cookies for Christmas, and then last year I added a fourth.  So it seemed only logical that I should aim to make five types of cookies this year.  I know if I keep following this pattern it’s going to get out of hand, but I’m hoping that eventually some favorites will rise to the top and I can stick with those.  The problem is that so far they are all favorites.

It occurred to me that I could streamline the process a bit by making several types of cookie dough one day, and refrigerating/freezing them, and then getting around to the baking part sometime in the next week.  So, that’s what I’m doing today.  I’ll be sharing recipes with you in the next week or two as I actually bake them.  But in the mean time, here are my steps for preparing to make three batches of different types of cookie dough in one sitting.  (And by one sitting I mean taking breaks in between writing and reading and studying.)

A Dozen Things You Should Do Before You Start Baking Cookies (oh… maybe I should have used that as the title….)

1. Prepare an Excel spreadsheet with columns for Recipe, Ingredient, Quantity, and Category (e.g., baking needs, dairy), and rows for each ingredient you need for each recipe.  Explain to your husband that then you can sort by ingredient to see how much flour you’ll need for all five recipes AND sort by category to organize a shopping list.  Have him accuse you of pleasuring yourself with a data software program.

2. Go shopping for ingredients and expect to make at least two stops because inevitably the first store will be sold out of almond paste or crystallized ginger.

3. Wash pile of dishes in the sink so you can create a new pile from scratch.

4. Change into a t-shirt to avoid sweater sleeves covered in flour.

5. Attack t-shirt with a lint roller to avoid cookies covered in cat fur.

6. Go to turn on iPod. Realize you told your husband he could take it with him today. Locate Christmas station on Slacker radio.  Wonder why there is a Blue Oyster Cult station under the seasonal category. (Because nothing says Merry Christmas like “Don’t Fear the Reaper”.)

7. Rinse dust out of stand mixer.

8. Print out recipes.

9. Pull out butter to reach room temperature.

10. Eat an apple to prevent snacking on cookie dough.  Correction: to reduce snacking on cookie dough.

11. Check email while you’re still waiting for butter to soften.

12. Finally, assemble ingredients and get going!

Stay tuned for lots of yummy cookie recipes!




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5 responses to ““Let the Great Experiment Begin!”

  1. Meredith

    I cannot resist: it’s Tobias from Arrested Development, re: an attempt at an open marriage with Lindsay!

  2. Meredith

    Also I totally have my own cookie spreadsheet, set up the same way…

  3. ideosinkrasee

    I thought it was from Where the Wild Things Are and you were adapting it for your own purposes. But oh, David Cross, you complete me.

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