Versatile Blogger Award, Part Two

For information about the VBA in general, and my first five nominations, go here.

My next round of nominations:

eat. love. journey. cure.  Angie is a first-year medical student.  Even though med school is an entirely different experience than the program I’m in, it’s always nice to read about the ups and downs of a fellow graduate student.  She also happens to love food, so clearly Angie gets some bonus points there.  Mainly, she made this list because whenever I read her blogs, it’s hard for me not to smile. She is incredibly positive, but doesn’t hold back when she’s not feeling so happy.  And I’ll admit it: as a brand-new 30-something settled down with a husband, I like living vicariously through someone in their early 20’s.

A Glossy LifeOkay, yes, Abby is one of my close friends, which is why I know of her blog, but it absolutely is one of my favorites and always inspires me to bring more style into my life, whether it be clothes, stationary, or table settings.  Abby is the only person I know who can convince me that yellow is ever an attractive color or can refurbish a $1 footstool with $10 of materials and have it look awesome.  My favorite part?  While there are the occasional “let’s drool over this $3000 sofa” moments, this is a blog for people whose budgets don’t include lamps that cost more than their rent.

The Itty Bitty Kitty CommitteeCats!  Lots of them!  Especially little ones!  In photos that are cute without being too cute.  (You know what I mean, right?  There’s not an overabundance of pink or wicker.)  But Laurie doesn’t just post endless cute photos of kitties for the sake of cuteness.  These are real kitties, looking for real homes.  Laurie does what I would love to be able to do one day- she fosters kittens until they are matched with a good family.  It’s pretty amazing to me that someone can give these kittens a place to live and lots of love (and awesome names) and be able to give them up when they find a forever home.  It’s a good thing I don’t live near Seattle, where Laurie and the kitties are located.  Otherwise, I’d probably be trying to convince Nick that Bailey and Matilda need another sibling.

The Moonlight Baker. I want my food photographs to look like The Moonlight Baker’s photos.  And I want to eat every single thing she has baked.  I also absolutely love her writing.  I hate to make a big deal out of someone’s age, but I was absolutely shocked when I realized that she is a college freshman and started this blog when she was in high school.  Since starting college, Kim (aka the The Moonlight Baker) hasn’t been blogging as much, which is quite understandable. Kim, wait until grad school to spend too much time on your blog.  In the mean time, I look forward to whenever you do find the time to share your delicious recipes!

stresscake. So I think we can all agree that the name alone is deserving of acknowledgement.  I think I first stumbled across Kathy’s blog when I was helping Nick search for fancy humburger roll recipes and her pretzel roll recipe popped up in Google.  Her Christmas cookie endeavors make my own look like … well, a much smaller-scale endeavor.  And I should hope so- she is a professionally-trained pastry chef.  Yet she presents recipes in a way that seem totally doable for the rest of us, along with lots of helpful tips.  So many things to add to my “to-bake” list, whether I’m stressed or not.


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