February’s Challenge: Let’s Try This Again…

Last week I declared my intent to exercise at least 30 minutes every day for the entire month of February (plus the first day of March).  I also mentioned that I was fighting a cold, and I had a backup plan in case I succumbed to the germs and had to skip a day or two of exercise.  What I did not anticipate was that the stupid cold would keep me from exercising for an entire week.

I got through thirty minutes on February 1st, and about 12 minutes of February 2nd, and then I gave in to being sick.  It’s not like I was bedridden, but whatever bug I was dealing with made walking up a flight of stairs or standing in line at the pharmacy exhausting and the constant sinus headache was bad enough that even low-key yoga was less than pleasant.  (By the way, being sick also triggered serious cravings for lots of carryout and convenience food, which is why I haven’t posted anything cooking-related in the last week.)

Seven days and one prescription for antibiotics later, I’m finally feeling normal enough to do more than sit on the couch.  I could divide the 210 missed minutes of exercise among the remaining three weeks of the month, but instead, I’m just going to start this over, and let February’s challenge run a week into March.

So… here we go again.  In case you were wondering, today’s 30 minutes took the form of a one-person dance party in the privacy of my home, which boosted my heart rate and my mood.   And considering the amount of macaroni and cheese, Chinese food, and rice pudding I ate over the last week, getting back into exercise could not come at a better time.


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  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Dancing is always my preferred form of excercise 🙂

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