Versatile Blogger Award, Third Round of Nominations (finally)

Remember back in January when I was excited to announce that I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award? And how I quickly posted the first ten nominations?  And then… things happened.  There was The Cleanse, and then school started, and finding the time to think about the last five blogs to nominate got a lot tougher.

But now I’m enjoying spring break, and finally had some time to think about this.  So, I am happy to share with you five more terrific blogs:

Sarah’s Place.  I’m always wary when I encounter other women named Sarah (although not as wary as when I encounter women named Sara).  I think I hold Sarahs up to higher standards than I have for most people, as I don’t like to share a name with people who don’t seem awesome.  So when I say that this Sarah is an awesome person with an awesome blog, you can be sure that I mean it.  To begin, she loves Bon Appetit magazine as much as I do.  And despite being a self-proclaimed “professional worrier,” she bravely tackles recipes that I find incredibly intimidating.  I mean, she made Raviolo Al’Uovo, which requires nestling uncooked eggs yolks into ravioli dough during assembly.  I was impressed.  This is not just a food blog- Sarah also covers her travels and creative pursuits outside the kitchen.  Her photos, and the blog layout itself, are beautiful, too.

Ordinary To Extraordinary.  The subtitle for this blog is “Live Inspired” and I can confirm that this will inspire you.  Micheline and Amy, whose families share a farm, pour so much enthusiasm into their posts about that it’s difficult for me not to feel completely energized after reading their blog.  Whether they are organizing spices or redecorating a chicken coop (because chickens enjoy some color just as much as the rest of us do), these ladies absolutely turn ordinary into extraordinary.  If you’ve ever wondered about repurposing a fruit bowl as a lighting fixture, or how to turn newspapers into a stunning dress, this is the blog for you.  And be sure to check out the Gallery with Micheline’s beautiful artwork.

Awesomely Awake.  I love reading parenting blogs.  While this might make Nick a little nervous, I can assure you that this is a completely (or almost completely) scholarly pursuit.  As someone who is studying child development, and particularly how parent-child interactions and play can promote development, it is so inspiring to read about real-life parents who encourage playful learning and meaningful exchanges with their children.  And what I like about Shawn, the writer behind Awesomely Awake, is that she does so in a way that seems doable for busy families (says the grad student with no kids), and that she comes across as a mindful, supportive, and fun parent.  But beyond my interest in this from a purely academic perspective, I think Shawn’s messages and ideas can be applied towards being more present in any type of relationship, or aspect of our lives.

Sydney’s Kitchen. Sydney is amazingly prolific.  It seems like she posts a new, delicious recipe every day.  There are lots of wonderful baked goods (my weakness), such as Mocha Eclairs and Garlic Parmesan Pull-Apart Bread.  But she balances it out with plenty of savory dishes, many of which are healthy, with clean, bright flavors, like Seared Scallops and Shrimp with Avocado Mousse and Jalapeno Sauce, which I cannot wait to try.  Plus, she has her own video demonstrations and a page full of bread trouble-shooting tips.  Whenever I finally find the courage and time to get into bread-making, I will definitely be relying on Sydney as a great resource!

Attempts in Domesticity.  I just discovered this blog, but it immediately became one of my favorites.  I was sucked in by the great titles- “Chicken for Procrastinators”, “Why I Think Farro is the Shit” but it didn’t take long for me to realize this is a blog I need to follow.  This writer and I clearly share some common ground in food interests, as she’s made the same kale and brussels sprouts salad that I made for Thanksgiving, and admits to being tempted to eat spoonfuls of pesto, which is a temptation I have definitely given into.  Did I mention that she has cats?  And threw a bee-themed “bee-day” party?  She just started writing in December, but already has a ton of great posts, and I can’t wait to see what she’s going to cook next!



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3 responses to “Versatile Blogger Award, Third Round of Nominations (finally)

  1. Micheline

    Awe – Sarah – so lovely!!! Thanks for including US!!!

  2. Wow! Thanks so much for the compliments and kind words! My husband laughs because I get ridiculously excited every time someone follows me, so I really appreciate it when people enjoy my posts. =)

  3. Sarah

    Thank you Sarah! I appreciate this so much!!!

    You’ve written a wonderful post, you are most definitely an awesome Sarah! 🙂 I LOVE the blogs you’ve chosen, I never would have found them without you, so thank you for that too!

    Happy Tuesday!

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