Summer Fun List

Last night I closed my second year of graduate school by taking the most painful statistics exam of my life. But it’s done. At this point all I can do is hope that I didn’t do so badly that I’ll have to retake the class. And it will be a while before grades are posted, so until then, I might as well get started on my summer.

Summer, for graduate students, is typically the time when you do all the things you were supposed to be doing during the school year but couldn’t because your classes sucked up too much of your time. Last summer I collected a bunch of data, but didn’t do much else, seeing as there was this wedding thing that occupied a lot of my time. But this summer is wide open, and I have lofty goals to read lots of stuff I’ve wanted to read, and finish lots of data coding and analyses, and make some substantial progress on a lit review.

But I also want to have some fun. So before I get started on my school to-do list, here is my list of fun things to check off this summer:

Foodie Stuff:

  • Visit Baltimore Farmer’s Market at least once a month
  • Make homemade ravioli
  • Bake a cake recipe I’ve wanted to try
  • Make something with watermelon (I’m just starting to like watermelon, so why not?)
  • Eat dinner at Charleston
  • Cook a Thai recipe
  • Go on a bakery adventure with my sister
  • Cook lamb… when Nick isn’t around

Fun Things:

  • Visit Falling Waters
  • Visit National Gallery or another art museum
  • Visit a winery
  • Go on a road trip
  • Plant potted herbs and flowers for our porch
  • Go to the beach
  • Go to the County or State Fair
  • See a movie in the theater
  • Play miniature golf

Things That Are Good For Me:

  • Do yoga at least 25 times. (I figure there are about 14 weeks in the summer, so that’s less than twice a week on average. That’s doable.)
  • Spend a week without television/movies
  • Go on at least four bike rides
  • Finish at least one painting
  • Read at least two books that have nothing to do with school

Things I’ve Been Meaning to Do Forever:

  • Organize photographs on old hard drive
  • Print and frame some wedding photos
  • Have a girls’ night with my friends
  • Spend time with my cousins and their families
  • Figure out how to brush Bailey without him hating it*

*Is this fun? Probably not. But reducing the amount of shedding and the horrible mats that he gets in his fur would make me happier, allowing me to have more fun.


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