One Afternoon, Two Sisters, and Three Bakeries

A few months back, my sister sent me an email mentioning not one, but two bakeries in Georgetown that she wanted to visit.  I had hoped to have a pre-wedding sisters’ excursion in the spring, but our schedules didn’t allow that to happen.  That turned out to be okay though, because a couple weeks ago I received a second email from Em about a macaron shop that had just opened up: “ANOTHER bakery in Georgetown? Wtf?  It will be a busy day.”

And so the First Sister Bakery Crawl was born.  Whether there will be a second is not yet determined.

We came prepared: sensible walking shoes, loose-fitting pants, and a map outlining our route.  We also paced ourselves.  The nice thing about Georgetown is that there are a lot of shops to wander around in while giving your digestive system a break before the next round.  The nicer thing about Georgetown is that the shops are above the affordability range for a graduate student, so it’s a fun browsing experience without the temptation to purchase anything.

Stop #1: Baked and Wired.

So. Many. Cupcakes.  Not to mention cookies, bars, and pies that also looked amazing.  But the array of cupcakes lined up along the entire length of the counter was too hard to resist.  After eying flavors like Chai Tea Latte and Flapjack (maple with candied bacon), I settled on the “Pretty Bitchin” (chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting).  I do not regret my decision.  Em got the Elvis Impersonator (banana cupcake with peanut butter frosting) which was also delicious.

Baked and Wired also offers a wide range of coffee drinks and a sense of humor that clicks quite well with mine, as exemplified by their bathroom art:

We determined that we’d swing back in on the way home to buy some cookies for the husbands. (Okay, and maybe for ourselves.)

Stop #2: Pie Sisters.

We decided to seize the opportunity to take a break from sugary things and share a couple small savory pies: a Country Tomato and a Chicken Potpie.  The tomato pie was filled with chopped tomatoes and topped with just enough cheese, all encased in a flaky, tender crust. Yum. Halfway through, we swapped plates.  After a couple bites of wonderfully-fresh vegetables and chicken I realized there was no way I was going to get through the whole thing, especially since this was not our last stop.  As much as I hate to waste food, I put my fork down and prepared for the next round.

Stop #3: Macaron Bee.

This was a bit of an (uphill) walk from the other places, but that probably wasn’t a bad thing as it gave my stomach some time to process all the amazingness it had just received.  Still, as we walked up Wisconsin Avenue, I questioned whether I was going to be ready to eat anything else.  As soon as I saw all the colorful rows of petite macarons, I told myself I could do this.  I’m glad I did. The milk chocolate and passion fruit macaron was interesting, though not my favorite.  The pistachio, on the other hand, was so good.  I think I’d be happy with just a bowl of the filling and a spoon.

After that second macaron, I’m pretty sure my stomach turned its sign over to “Closed.”  I was done. So done, in fact, that by the time we circled back around to Baked and Wired, I couldn’t bring myself to go back in, even if it was just to buy cookies for someone else.  Sorry, husbands.  Next time.



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8 responses to “One Afternoon, Two Sisters, and Three Bakeries

  1. Emily

    It was an amazing day! My raspberry macaron was better, in my opinion, than the fleur de sel caramel, but they were very different.

  2. Alan

    Thank god it was bathroom art and not a cake design.

  3. How much fun is this? A lot! I just love your incredible day. Your pictures are great….and they make me hungry. 🙂

  4. Love, love, love that sign in the bathroom! And those savory pies look amazing too!

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