Bringing Creative Arts to Children in Ghana

Suddenly, the summer has vanished and my life has become All Academia, All the Time.  I think (I hope) it’s only temporary, as I get into the groove of teaching an undergraduate college course.  I’m teaching a course on how societal institutions influence children’s development, so it seems fitting that I’m taking a brief break from planning lessons to bring your attention to this cause.

I think most people in the blogging community can appreciate how important it is to have a creative outlet.  Whether you write, paint, cook, or play, having a safe place to express yourself and the time to do so is invaluable.  And if doing so gives you relief after a long day at work, just imagine how freeing it can be for someone who has experienced serious trauma or hardship.  I was reminded of this when Art Feeds was featured on the series finale of Extreme Makeover Home Edition in Joplin, Missouri, where so many children and their families suffered trauma and loss during the tornado in May of 2011.

Through Stevie Trischmann, talented photographer and generally awesome person, who also happened to be involved with Extreme Makeover Home Edition, I found out that Art Feeds, with several other non-profit organizations, are now taking their efforts to Ghana, West Africa to take part in an awesome project to build a creative arts center for children rescued from slavery. And Stevie is lucky enough to be going to document the whole process. I’ll just direct you to her blog and let her explain the rest.  Take some time to watch the video, and please consider donating on the Go Team Ghana! webpage.



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4 responses to “Bringing Creative Arts to Children in Ghana

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this on your blog Sarah!! I love the post!!! You are wonderful!!!

    • Nancy

      Hi Stevie,
      Thanks to Sarah’s blogging yesterday, I was reminded about your project with Go Team Ghana and connected before the power went out! Hope things are going well with that and that you’re doing well, too.

  2. Alan Eason


    Very cool. Thanks.

    We have a busy schedule this week, but let me know if you see a space have coffee and talk. I’m anxious to hear about the class.

    Love, Dad

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