Random Moments of Happiness: Day 0

Last November I took part in National Blog Posting Month (aka NaBloPoMo), where the challenge was to post an entry every day for a month. And I actually followed through with the whole thing.  I haven’t heard much about NaBloPoMo this year, but I like the idea of recommitting myself to blogging more regularly. At the same time, I have two major writing projects that I am aiming to complete by the end of the semester (which is a frighteningly close six or so weeks away) so I am hesitant to add something else onto my plate that might take away from time put towards more important writing. (By important, I mean that this blog sadly is not going to get me any closer to getting my PhD.)  And considering the existing levels of distractibility and procrastination I’m dealing with, I don’t think my advisor is going to consider, “But I had to work on my daily post for my blog last night,” as an acceptable excuse.

At the same time, I have to maintain things outside of school that keep me happy and fulfilled. Lucky for me, I have an advisor who understands this, too!

My compromise with myself was to come up with some sort of challenge that requires daily postings, but does not demand a lot of time. So each day in November, fitting somewhat with it being the month of Thanksgiving, I am going to post something from that day that made me happy. It might be a photograph or just few sentences. Or maybe I’ll feel like taking the time to go into greater detail. The best part: at the end of the month, I will have at least 30 things to reflect on that make me happy.

To give myself a head start, here is today’s random moment of happiness:


Finding a container of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream in the freezer. Not because it’s my favorite ice cream. I certainly won’t turn it down, but it doesn’t have enough chocolate and/or crunchy things to be in the running for my number one choice.

The reason Cherry Garcia makes me smile: it reminds me of the first night Nick cooked dinner for me. He showed up with two bags from Whole Foods to prepare a multi-course meal (with enough food to feed at least four people, if not more). I cannot recall what the main course was, but I remember dinner beginning with amazing bread (and cheese, fresh basil, and balsamic vinegar) and ending with Cherry Garcia.




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4 responses to “Random Moments of Happiness: Day 0

  1. I love this Sarah. It’s a great idea, and very ambitious considering your schedule! I’m looking forward to a month of these posts. I definitely need to do more of what you’re doing…concentrating on things that make me happy. Yep, it’s a very good idea. Good for you!

    The story that goes with the Cherry Garcia is priceless. I love that!!! What a terrific memory!

    • Thanks, Sarah! Hope you are doing well. I’m just as far behind on my blog-following as I am on my own blogging, but will have to stop by yours soon to see what you’ve been up to. 🙂

      • Doing well here. No worries on keeping up with the blog following, you are one busy girl! I’ve been so bad about blogging lately. I just started up again. Time just gets away from me

  2. Nancy

    Now I’ll have another reason to smile when I get into Cherry Garcia, too! Isn’t the saying that the way to a woman’s heart is through a great meal prepared by a great man?

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