Random Moments of Happiness: Day 6

Well, first there’s the fact that Question 6 passed in Maryland. Part of me is disturbed by the fact that it wasn’t supported by a larger majority, and the fact that it’s something that is up for debate at all. But it’s done, and I’m proud to be a Marylander today.

On a more self-centered note, I felt worse yesterday than I did on Monday. My throat and sinuses were clearly conspiring against me. Somehow I managed to teach (fortunately the students were unusually talkative) and then I came home to rest.

You know what helps you feel a little better? Coming home to an apartment that is way cleaner than when you left it because your husband spent part of his day off to make it that way. Also good- enjoying a hybrid mix of soups that you picked up from a Chinese restaurant on your way home to a clean apartment. Oh, and I can’t forget those little crispy noodle things that I am sure are basically deep-fried fat and clearly are essential in the restorative process. Isn’t that the saying? “Starve a fever, deep-fry a cold…?”

Half hot-and-sour, half wonton, 100% delicious.


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One response to “Random Moments of Happiness: Day 6

  1. Feel better! Ugh! Colds….boo.

    Dinner looks yummy!

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