Random Moments of Happiness: Days 12-16

Day 12: Pushing through writer’s block. (For academic writing.) Even it was only for an hour.  Not exactly setting the world on fire, but compared to what I had been doing, it felt like progress to me.

Day 13: Pilates class. More specifically, being in Pilates class with my sister. Especially when she gets hiccups.

Day 14: Modern Family. Do I really need to say anything else?

Day 15: Fellow students. One of the things I sometimes miss about having an office job is seeing the same coworkers everyday (I worked with some pretty great people) and being able to stop in someone else’s office and chat for awhile. I remember missing that during my first semester, or maybe even first year, of graduate school. But this week in particular I’ve had a number of conversations with people that reminded me that I really have made some great friends here.

Day 16: My awesome mom who bought me this:

I’m not letting myself open it up until December 1st. The suspense is killing me.


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One response to “Random Moments of Happiness: Days 12-16

  1. Love these Sarah. I’m really proud of you for doing this every day. Did I mention that I really should copy this idea? I do love reading them all, I must say.

    Would you believe I have yet to see one Modern Family? I better get on that.

    Your Mom is awesome, what a great advent calendar! Fun!

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