Random Moments of Happiness: Day 23

Earlier this month I talked about how happy it made me to go through our wedding photos. They led to another happy moment when the final products were delivered. We had purchased some Groupons (or one of the 20 other similar things) for canvas prints. I wasn’t sure how I felt about having a photograph of us blown up on a giant 18×24 canvas. I know that isn’t that big. But a giant canvas with my likeness just seems a little egotistical. It’s not like I’m Victor Newman.

Nick, however, made a valid point that we both looked pretty great that day. If there was ever a time to print a giant photograph of ourselves, this was the time to do it. It also helped that our photographer had some beautiful shots with us in them, but also plenty of landscape surrounding us. So it’s not like, BAM- Wow, check out Sarah’s nostrils or Huh, Nick really does have flawless skin. (He seriously does. I’m very jealous.)

The canvases ended up working out pretty well. And you can barely see my nostrils.

I’m even happier with the photo album we got. This was my first time using a website to make a photo album, and I was really impressed with the amount of control we had over the formatting and design, as well as the quality of the book and prints.

It looks amazing. I don’t even care if you can see my nostrils in any of the pictures. The downside- I now want to make photo albums of everything. Who wants a coffee table book of the kitties for Christmas?

(The correct response is, “I do! I do!”)



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5 responses to “Random Moments of Happiness: Day 23

  1. Stephanie

    Kitty coffee table album? Brilliant Christmas idea! Your photos and canvas print look great, by the way. And yes, Nick truly does have flawless skin, the bastard.

  2. Lisa

    What company did you use for the book? Mike and I are making our own as well.

  3. Nancy

    The nostril thing must be a holdover from the days of reading George and Martha (the hippos). Remember the photo that George took of Martha’s nostrils?!!
    Matilda looks like B’s kitten, BTW. Kitty books are a must!

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