Motivation for Hydration on a Hot Summer Day

If I dined out on a daily basis, I would have no problem keeping properly hydrated. If there is water in front of me, I will drink it. If a waiter comments on how much water you’re drinking, or gives up on trying to keep your glass full and just hands you the pitcher, you’re probably in the 90th percentile for water consumption, at least.

When I worked in an office full-time, I also drank a decent amount of water, and at school my water bottle is essentially my security blanket. But when I’m at home, my water intake is often not what it should be.

One trick that tends to work for me is to have a carafe of water on hand, especially if I am settling in to read or write for a couple hours. I’ve never been one to need to flavor water out of boredom, but I enjoy the flash of color of a few slices of citrus or cucumber.


This was especially useful back in May, when we had a few unseasonably hot days before we had installed the air conditioning units for the summer.  To be fair, Nick offered to bring the AC units up from the basement, but I have a tendency to be a bit stubborn when it comes to caving in to using the air conditioning for the first time every year. So I stoically sat next to an open window for several days, trying to catch whatever trace of a breeze there was outside (but mostly just sweating), before finally admitting to Nick that, yes, it was miserable in our apartment.

The upside is that I most certainly reached my daily recommended water intake. And I got to take some pretty pictures to share with you.*



*Which, to be honest, was the whole reason I came up with a rather weak blog post about water consumption.





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2 responses to “Motivation for Hydration on a Hot Summer Day

  1. It’s not weak, lol! It’s good tips for making water easy to drink. (Love the cucumber idea) And gives us some pretty pictures to oogle over 🙂

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